Sunday, August 6, 2017

WANT a "QUICKIE" ? Today -- Monarch

Quickie Today!!!
The Monarchs are here.  Took these photos today of the many many many --  dozens of them, Monarchs in the Butterfly Garden. Some laying eggs, others hatching into caterpillars and everyone feeding on a beautiful sunny day!
There were years when only a couple (two to five) would be seen all season.  This year is different.  There are so many here this year.
A joy to see and a joy to know that their numbers have increased.




There we numerous other "kinds" of butterflies but this posting is limited only to the Monarch.


  1. Oh,it's so good to hear and see that you have numerous Monarchs.I have not seen any this year, yet.

  2. They are amazing. On the whole I'm happy with the plants and insects we have in England and do not yearn for anything more exotic but must admit that the Monarch is an exception. I wish we had them here too.

    Incidentally, I've moved from coastal Dorset and am now living in Halifax (West Yorkshire). The landscape is very different here - I've moved from sea and lush pastures to a very urban environment surrounded by moors and rocky fields. So I've started a new blog - Loose and Leafy in Halifax - and my new posts are going there.
    Hope you will take a look at it some time.