Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Autumn Colors - Cave of the Mounds

This is the second in the Autumn Color series.

These are some of the colored leaves at the entrance of the cave.

Cave of the Mounds, located about two hundred miles drive from my home, is designated a “National Natural Landmark”.  The main cave began forming more than a million years ago as acidic water dissolved the limestone bedrock.

Every drop of water entering the cave carries with it dissolved calcium carbonate, which leaves calcite crystals on the cave ceiling, walls and floor.  It can take upwards of 150 years to deposit one cubic inch of these crystal formations.

The cave was discovered in 1939 when workers removing limestone from a quarry blasted into rock – revealing this stupendous underground cavern with rooms, galleries, and nook and crannies.

To my embarrassment – I got down to about forty feet below the surface and had a panic attack!  I had to be led up and out the entrance! How embarrassing!!!  I did not get to see many of the formations that I saw many years ago on my first visit.  The last time I visited was more than fifty years ago – still am impressed. Still looks the same!

The next photo is my favorite from this visit.

Dream River


  1. I haven't been to the Cave of the Mounds in a very long time, but I do know well the claustrophobic feeling, nothing to be embarrassed about! I think caves are fascinating, but I'm always relieved to be out of them, too. You have wonderful photos!

  2. Lots of memories in that amazing place. Claustrophobic memories too!