Thursday, July 18, 2019

Want a "Quickie" ? Today - July 18, 2019

Want a "Quickie" Today ?

After a little rain late this morning, I took a walk around the gardens.  Here are a few of the blooms from today.  Of special importance to me is the daylily #X1 which I hybridized here at the Gardens at Waters East. It exists no other place on earth - nice!

Enjoy them all.

 False Sunflower

 Flemish Poppy

 Pink Mallow

 Maltese Cross

 Sambucus - Black Lace

Sedum - Dragon's Blood

Hybridized Daylily - #X1

 Veronica - Sunny Border Blue

Yarrow - Red


  1. I love the Maltese Cross - Lychnis chalcedonica, I'm going to grow it this year for the first time in my garden here in Portugal. Come and visit my blog!