Friday, June 5, 2020

Want a "Quickie" Today

Today is different.  All “Want a Quickie Today” have always been taken the day they are published – hence the name!  Today is different.  These photos were taken last evening after the supper hour so there was not enough time to prepare and publish at that time and needed to wait until this morning.
Took a walk around the gardens in the evening, many Spring flowers blooming and some already gone for the season waiting for next year.
Here are a few from last evening.  Nice to see so many expressing their joy for the warm weather and sunshine today.


Centaurea Montana

Creeping Phlox - white



German Iris

Cushion Spurge

Lily of the Valley

Native Phlox

Paper White Narcissus

Solomon's Seal


Star Magnolia

Virginia Blue Bells

Creeping Phlox - purple


Spirea Grefsheim

Ending with a recent sunrise and sunset from the gardens.

sunrise over Lake Michigan

Sunset looking west from the gardens


  1. Beautiful flowers and other scenes.

  2. Delightful. Haven't seen lily in the valley or solomon's seal in real life for ages.