Sunday, August 30, 2020

Want a "Quickie" ? Today --- Monarchs

The Monarchs have been in the gardens a lot this summer, and especially now as they are passing through from the North to get nourishment for their long flight to Mexico.  Gardens at Waters East is a sumptuous butterfly garden.  Here there are plants with so much nourishment for all the varieties of butterflies, not to mention all the bees and bugs!  So many differ ones come here for nourishment.  Most interesting to me are the Monarch butterflies who are on their three thousand plus mile journey to the mountains of Mexico. A place they have never been.

Here are two photos from early this morning.  They gather in groups to sleep together on the cooler nights, then mid-morning they are gone - - - back in flight to Mexico.


  1. Ma tutte su quell'arbusto! Incredibile! Molto suggestivo!

    Buona domenica ;)

  2. That is so special to be able to see so many in one spot.