Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Want a "Quickie" ? Today. 10.25.22

Wanted to check out the Autumn colors in the garden so took a quick walk around on some of the paths at the Gardens at Waters East.  Here are the colors of today.


"I see you ! "

Enjoy all the “soft” colors of the plants.

The end is coming – soon there will be frost then snow.


Lake Path

Barberry - Golden Nugget

The birds have all gone South

statue - Blade

Dwarf - Goat's Beard

Driveway to Gardens at Waters East

Engelman Ivy on driftwood fence

Entrance Gate

Formal Garden with Siberian Iris

Lake view

Pampas Grass

Middle Arch

Lichen and Sedum

Gotendroff Rose

Royal Purple Smoke Bush & Hosta

Sedum - Autumn Joy

Lower Niagara Escarpment stone wall

Siberian Iris

View - South Ravine

Steps -  to mid-level gardens

Across the street form the gardens

Viburnum Autumn Jazz

View as leaving the gardens

NOTE:  All "Quickies" are taken and posted the same day.  


  1. Bonitas imágenes con los colores otoñales como protagonistas.


    1. I agree that the colors are the center of attention at this time of year. We have so many visitors in this area at this time of year. Happy you enjoyed this day.

  2. Beautiful garden with many beautiful decorations and pots.

    1. Thanks. At this time of year, as you can see, even though the flowers have mostly gone, there are still wonderful colors in the gardens.