Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gardens at Waters East - Fall preparation

Just finished three days of cutting down all the plants for the Winter, took three days.  There are over 400 different perennials throughout the garden that  need to be cut, lots of work this time of year.  Found a great tool for the work, a Beaver Blade and a Pole Hedger.  Both were great help.  This is the first time I used them and they sure made the work much easier.
The garden is now nine years old and starting to take shape.
My pride and joy has been the day lilies that I created three years ago finally had their first blooms, and the new ones I have created the last two years are starting to take shape.  Thought I was finished experimenting with the daylily "thing" but am trying it for one more time.  I will post  pictures or email some of the creations to those interested.  Just contact me at
More in the near future.  Lots to share and very interested in hearing from people who have the same gardening and landscaping interest.

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