Friday, April 15, 2011

ART: Impressionism #3

Impressionism: - - Manet, Monet, & Me

An ongoing series of “art” photos:

Gardens at Waters East  calls these pictures -  Impressionism”.  Here there is a play of color and light.  Here too is expressed inner energy and contemplation.  Photos from the garden can easily be “adjusted” to make very “impressionistic” like paintings.  These can be used in a variety of ways from note cards to letter heads and more.  This is another way of viewing your work and efforts in the garden as “art” and beauty.  Again, these would make interesting note cards.


This is the original photo
daisies, poppies, etc. in the summer garden.

same photo - "Impression" variation #1

same photo - "Impression" variation #2

same  photo - "Impression" variation #3

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  1. I love how you play with your to see them in a different light

  2. Hi Jack! Sometimes I also play with Picnic, but finally I always prefer the original photo. And your original photo is gorgeous... :)