Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Day at the Shore

Waterstone Beach a photo essay.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  The temperature was 60 degrees.  May not sound like much to many people, but for being on the shores of Lake Michigan, that is a “warm” day in Spring.  There are still banks of snow here and there along the country roads – really!  But it is Spring never the less.

Took a two mile hike to have quiet time and to capture some of the sights.  The lake was like glass, very still.  The sun was warm.  The sky was clear with a little haze.

Enjoy the walk on this "warm" Spring Day

Looking North along Waterstone Beach
Gardens at Waters East

Reaching through the beach stones
finding the sun

Even a weed like the Dandelion is a welcome sight

Spring runoff creating a small waterfall

Buds already forming so soon after the snows

All about were the first signs of new life beginning again.  The first “reaching up” of green leaves breaking through the soil and rocks toward the warming sun.   A welcome sight whether weeds or native flowering plants, anything green was a great thing to behold!  Gardens at Waters East is once again happening.

"mini" moss

A recent visitor - raccoon - also checking out the shore

New Life taking shape

 Stonewater Beach

The green of Algae even looks good
after the snows of this past Winter

a "rivulet" cutting through the sand and stones

After the long cold Winter
Cedar Tree welcomes the signs and warmth of Spring

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  1. Hi Jack! Thanks for the nice walk around Michigan Lake. It was still a bit cold, but I have been enveloped in its evocative atmosphere... :)

  2. Hi Jack
    I like look at your blog in wonderment at times at how harsh that environment can be. Right outside my experience. Am interested to see how things progress as you move into summer.

  3. Jack it is looking so lovely in the spring warmth finally

  4. I love the beach, I grew up near Lake Michigan. My grandma lives about a block away, so I spent a lot of time in the water as a child. Even in the cold weather it's still beautiful to me.

  5. Beautiful photos! We had temps in the 60's yesterday as well and it was glorious! Though today, not so much. Happy Spring!

  6. Soon we'll all want to spend a day at the Lake Michigan shoreline. It might be cold now, but it will be perfect in a couple of months. Thanks for the tour, and for the comments on my blog. Happy Spring!

  7. What a pretty place for a walk. The beach around the lake reminds me of what beaches on the Puget Sound look like. I love the old trees on the beach.
    I finally had a chance to catch up on some of your older posts and see some of what's happening now in your garden. It's hard to believe you still have some snow there. Hope you get some more 60 degree days. That feels warm here too right now.

  8. I love strolling the waters edge as it is forever changing! Thanks for the walk...

  9. That hike must have been great! thanks for the tour

  10. Beautiful posting. Love our Great Lakes! Stunning header.