Monday, March 26, 2012

Spider Webs

The delicate lines and forms of spider webs, bring an interesting dimension to the garden space.  Whether one likes spiders or not, spiders are an important asset to the garden environment and its life.

While not ignoring the many beneficial aspects of spiders in the garden, in this posting Gardens at Waters East will focus only on the beauty, design, and fragility that spider webs bring to all gardens.

Check out the beauty, the design, and the fragile nature seen in these webs.

 Gardens at Waters East
full of spider webs this season

StoneWater Beach
private beach of
Gardens at Waters East

One of the many spiders hiding under and on the rocks at the beach

NOTE:  All photos use in this posting were taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East.

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  1. The web on the pines is a great photo!
    I broke the webs before and now will take photos.

  2. Great Photos! Spider webs are not easy to photograph. I personally love spiders and their webs in the gardens. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Loved all the spider webs! I have no problem with smaller spiders, but we get some huge monsters here!

  4. I love the sight of spider webs in my means I have visitors and they have made themselves at home...quite an honor!

  5. Great captures! Spiders are amazing architects. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the web theme. There is nothing like seeing a web outlined with droplets against the plants. The beach and water look sounds great right now.