Monday, March 5, 2012



 Sunrise  March 5, 2012
(All “Quickies” are photos taken and posted the same day)
These photos were taken just today at the Gardens at Waters East.
Monday March 5, 2012


The storm started on Friday, then really got heavy all day Saturday with blowing and snowing.  On Sunday there was what is called “lake effect snow” coming in off Lake Michigan for the whole day, continuing hour after hour.  Today the snow is over, clouds move in and move out with some great hours sunshine!

This weekend was the first large snow storm of the season here along the shore of the Gardens at Waters East.  More than eight inches of heavy wet snow fell here at the lake.
Really beautiful – but now lets have Spring!

Reference Note:
If you like Winter photos,  see many many more in the series call Photo EssayWinter (parts #1-#9) in the archives for April 4th and 5th 2011.  After viewing those you probably will have had enough, though admittedly there are some beautiful Winter scenes of Gardens at Waters East found there from sunrises to sunsets and everything in between.

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  1. I always enjoy this series. It is amazing how different Houston, Texas is from the Gardens at Waters East. The snow is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your garden.

  2. The snow is beautiful,the Lake is magical. You have an enchanted spot.

  3. You give Lake Michigan a good name. What a gorgeous bunch of shots around your garden. The Snowy Dunes......I like your garden a lot because it seems protected from the public eye....I actually envision myself walking out there and forgetting that I'm in Wisconsin but somewhere new and exciting. And what great views! We spoke once about buying a second home in a few years and we decided it would be along Lake Michigan near Sandy Bay Road in Two the woods and by the beach away from people and close to nature.

  4. Beautiful snowy landscape and it sure beats the brown we usually see in March. How lucky you are to have Lake Michigan as your neighbor. Enjoyed the photos.

  5. Beautiful winter pictures! But I agree with you, it's nice if the snow stays long enough to get some pictures and for the children to play a day or two... but then - let's have spring. I am fortunate to live as far south as you can get in Sweden, and the winters here are usually not that hard. Last year though was awful, but this year spring is on it's way to warm our frozen souls. I hope for sun and mild winds for you!

  6. What a beautiful place to garden though I'm sure you're hoping that the snow disappears soon........ though it's always pretty for the first few days.

  7. Lovely snowy photos, but as you say, now let's have spring.

  8. Stunning photos! I love the wide open spaces (and am a bit envious). Thanks for finding The Bunnies Buffet, Jack - I sure am enjoying Gardens at Waters East!

  9. Lovely photos the snow looks so pretty. Thank you for sharing them with me. Feel free to visit me in the orchard. Wrap up warm. I am your newest member.

  10. Stunning photos and how different from spring appearing here on a hillside in North Wales. Our daffodils are opening now!