Saturday, September 1, 2012

August - Review 2012

August, the third of the “summer months”, has now come and gone.  It is time to look over some of the many views from Gardens at Waters East.  More than 700 photos were taken in the gardens this past August.  It is so very difficult to limit this posting to only a dozen or so that reflect the many phases and patterns of plants here on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Knowing that there are so many more that could be viewed and enjoyed;  nevertheless this posting will try to capture the whole range in only a few select photos.  In the days ahead, some others will be posted in the series titled Blog Shots.
None of these photos have been posted until now.
Enjoy your visit.

 Daylily - Blade

 Someone looking at me!

 StoneWater Beach
private beach
Gardens at Waters East

 Obedient Plant - pink

 This is a Purple Coneflower

Can anyone tell me what happened?
Very STRANGE mutation for blooms.

 Goldenrod on East Meadow

Oriental Garden Patio

 Garlic Chives

 False Sunflower

 Mallow Selvestri & Queen Anne's Lace

 Bronze Fennel
Lake Michigan in Background

 Middle Walk Garden

with sculpture - "Awakening"

 Missouri Primerose

Phlox - "David"

 Sunset Gardens at Waters East
August 20,2012

NOTE:  All photos use in this posting were taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East.

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  1. What a beautiful middle walk garden you have.
    And...on many pictures is the lake on the background, that is such a bonus.

  2. Beautiful, as usual; that daylily is stunning!