Friday, December 7, 2012

6 PACK - Party on the Beach #1


A rather large and extensive collection of photos has been taken on StoneWater Beach which is the private beach on Lake Michigan along the shore of this area known as Gardens at Waters East.  Over the last months,  many wonderful scenes of the waters, clouds, sun, plants, and stones have been captured.  In the past when similar photos were posted on the Blog many people commented about the lake and how it adds to the beauty and experience here at the Gardens at Waters East.

Instead of just filing all the unused photos away, this series will post six of them (thus a - - 6 Pack) as a set in an ongoing series.  None of these pictures have ever been posted before today.  Even if you never walk the paths here or wander down to the lake shore,  you are invited to experience and enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan as do all those who have come here to the gardens for a visit.

In more ways than one, it is - - - “cooler by the lake”.

NOTE:  All photos use in this posting were taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East.

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  1. What a nice place, it seams wild and quiet. I would like to live here...

  2. Wonderfull pictures! I simply love stony shores, as I grew up by a stony eastcoastshore in Denmark. As kid I longed for sandy beaches, but now I find that beaches with stones are so much more interesting. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog - always nice to "see" a new visitor :0)

    Nice garden an fantastic landscape.........and the cone-flowers with snow....simply just love cone-flowers/Solhat = Sun hat in danish ;0)


  4. First the quickies and now a six pack; you sure know how to party! Beautiful pictures of the beach.

  5. We are, all of us who live by water, so very fortunate.

  6. The scenes as the season changes, or just water rushing over some rocks, are such a sight for sun-dry-sore eyes!

  7. The sea shore is always a beautiful scenery regardless the season, I'll enjoy yout posts!

  8. Your photos are always gorgeous, and #1 looks as if it could have been taken behind our family home. Oh, the memories! Memories in the very creative title too. Thank you. Gin

  9. Very nice! Did you get a dusting of snow the other day? The first snows must be enchanting along the shoreline before the lake freezes.