Monday, September 16, 2013

Abundance & Beauty - Watershed #15

This past weekend was a great time to get outdoors and hike one of the nearby nature trails.  The sky was blue, lots of sun and perfect temperatures for a five mile hike along the Ice Age Trail.  The trail is easy to get to and only ten minutes from the property of Gardens at Waters East.  The segment hiked this weekend follows an abandoned railroad bed for thirty-one miles.

The Ice Age Trail

Here are a few photos from the day’s hike.

There was a super abundance of berries, fruits, and grapes.  Indeed it was a good year.  The winter creatures that depend on these food sources will be happy for such a bounty!

 Anyone know these berries ?

 Miles of grape vines along the trail

 Highbush Cranberries
a full posting of these interesting berries
is found in the archives
August 2, 2013

Anyone know these berries ?

This apple tree hanging over the trail, now covered in apples, is one of many that have sprouted up.  Years ago when passengers on the trains would throw out their unfinished apples as they traveled along, the seeds took root and in time the apple trees were born.  There are dozens growing along the few miles walked this day.  If these trees could talk, they would tell stories of the people and the past that traveled this way.

 Apple tree hanging over the trail

Closeup from another of the many trees along the trail

There were also many autumn flowers in the fields and along the trail.  Lots of  color at this time of the year. A real joy just looking here and there.

 Asters & Goldenrod

 A different native Aster

 "Fruit" of the Cedar Tree

 Further along the Ice Age Trail

 Three different Coneflowers
Purple, White, Yellow

Mushrooms on stump
notice the shades of brown and texture

One of my favorites that bloom this time of year is Gentiana andrewsii.  The shade of blue and the shape of the flower is fascinating.  It is named after King Gentius of ancient Illyria who it is said discovered the medicinal value of these plants.

 Others out enjoying the day, walking the dogs, riding bicycles.

NOTE:   All photos posted on this Blog are always taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East except for those posted in this series titled Watershed.  This series takes the Blog beyond the immediate gardens to the fuller area that nourished it and its “neighborhood”.

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  1. That Ice Age trail is a wonderful place to walk down and get lost.

  2. I wrote this quote on my blog.
    "In all things of nature there is something marvellous."
    - Aristotle
    Fits perfectly your post as well,