Sunday, September 1, 2013

Peninsula Park - Watershed #14

Peninsula Park has some very dramatic vistas of the Niagara Escarpment, that most fascinating rock feature of the Door County area.  ( For more details and photos on the escarpment see the archives of July 21 2012 - - Watershed #6 ).  This same escarpment is deep under the Gardens at Waters East and some fragments of it are used in the gardens and often shown in photos posted here.
This past month I joined two botanist for a day’s hike along the Eagle Trail in Peninsula Park.  What a great educational and enriching adventure, experiencing the rough rock ledges and caves, unique plant life special to this area, and the many different insects living in this environment.  Being with the botanists was like having a private university class just for me.
Here are some of the many photos taken along that hike.  The rock cliffs in places are more than 240 feet straight up from the waters of the bay of Green Bay.  The caves are large enough to walk right in and get out of the sun or rain.  The trails can be difficult with the boulders and fallen stones.  It is a great way to “feel” the geological history of this special place.

Enjoy your hike.

 Notice the size of the people
in relation to the hight of the stone cliff.

 Herb Robert Flower

 Trunk Roots

 One of many caves along the trail

 The Niagara Escarpment Cliffs

 Don't know this bug
more than two inches long.

 White Bane Berry - "Dolls Eyes"

 Boats on one of the inlets.

 Boulders and people on the path.

 Fern Spores

 Notice the height of this cave.

 Buttercup Flower

 Very unusual fern - not able to identify
about six inches wide
growing out of a crack in the cliff.

 Bay of Green Bay

 Beginning the hike up.

 Bladder Flower

Shore water and stones at the park.

This is the map of the Watershed
that cradles
the Gardens at Waters East.

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  1. Lucky you! Peninsula State Park is beautiful, and you had a private tour with botanists. Nice! Thanks for sharing the highlights.