Monday, November 28, 2016

Sample of Day Lilies 2016 #1

During the last ten years, Gardens at Waters East has hybridized more than 450 day lilies.  These day lilies exist no place else on Earth accept here at the gardens.  About half have now been given away as gifts to friends and neighbors.  Slowly they are taken over the planet – jajajjajaj

This year – 2016 – there will be only two postings of some of the blooms from these plants.  Part one and part two will have a total of twenty of the hundreds that have been hybridized – just a sampling.

Hope you enjoy these hardy plants as much as we do – this has been a long-time passion.

Your comments are always welcome.

 #13 X

 #1 X

 #8 iridescent

 Daylily Field - Lake

 #3 X

 #9 X group

 #7 X red


 Daylily Field - Wall

#1 X.2 - at sunrise

Hope you enjoyed the hybridized day lilies!


  1. Oh my! Daylily heaven.I love dallies and each of these are stunning.

  2. Lovely #8 one and Daylily Field, Jack. It's a pleasure to watch summer flowers in such dark and cold November days.

  3. What beauties you have produced! They are each equally stunning.

  4. Very nice! You have an impressive collection. I have a few spots in the garden where the lilies are happy. And their appearance in mid-summer make me happy.

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