Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Garden is a Friend ---

Sunrise at Gardens at Waters East

With all the snow the last four day, I thought it nice to be reminded that better days are coming!!!  This has been the most snow ever recorded in one storm here in this area of the country. LOTS & LOTS
So, not wanting to lose sight of the wonderful gardens here, and to remind us all of the gardens we have at our homes and enjoy all over the world, I thought this would cheer us up and give us that wild expectation of Spring to come!


This is a photo taken in Guatemala this past week.  
I have many photos of flowers I will be sharing in the days ahead,
 that I took on my trip there.
I find the container - inspiring!!!

 This and all the following photos from the Gardens at Waters East,
are meant to remind us that our gardens do bring us joy.

 Our gardens are a "friend".

 A recent storm over the gardens here at the lake.

Things are looking up!!!


  1. Oh yes! A garden is a friend.Thanks for the stroll into summer, while I wait for the last snow to melt.

  2. Beautiful images of "friends" from around the world. I heard that areas near Green Bay got 25-30 inches of snow from one storm...in April! Hard to believe! We got more snow today. I hope it will melt fast!