Saturday, April 14, 2018

Want a "Quickie" ? Today 4.14.18

I just returned from Guatemala and am still unpacking! I was going to post some of the beautiful flowers that I photographed there – that will have to wait until the next posting.  Look what I woke up to this morning.
It is April 14, 2018 and this is my “welcome home” greeting!!!  It has been snowing since last night and is to continue all day today and then Sunday all the way until Monday noon. I have no idea what the gardens will look like after this long snow storm !  OMG!!!
Not a happy camper this morning – and I am sure the plants out there in the Gardens at Waters Eastare even more unhappy!!!

Dare I say Enjoy

 Hard to tell - but the wind is really blowing.

Even the patio fountain head looks unhappy!


  1. Sorry for all that thick snow. It looks really cold for an April morning. Sending some good energy from sunny Lisbon.

  2. Yeah, this spring is messed up. My brother lives in Green Bay, so like you he's getting loads of snow. Here in Madison, we had a "wintry mix" all day, and now be followed by snow off and on tomorrow. Worst April I can remember--except for when I lived near Green Bay as a kid. So, I guess there's nothing we can do about it. Hopefully, we'll have a better May and summer.

  3. The same snow that looks so beautiful in winter, seems to have lost it's charm.

  4. So ready for spring, but the winter pictures are beautiful.

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