Thursday, July 26, 2018


On Tuesday, July 24th.  a number of members from the Kewaunee County Garden Club came here to tour the gardens. A great group of people who obviously love gardening, make their yards look beautiful, and do lots of volunteer hours beautifying public spaces throughout the county.  So nice of them to visit.
They walked around checking-out a number of the twelve different garden rooms here at Waters East.  This was followed by a monthly meeting in the Asia Patio.

Here are a number of photos from the tour.

 The early arrivals.

 False Sunflower

 walking the Lake Path

 one of the Lily Fields in the gardens

 Native Monarda
listening as I spoke about garden ship artifacts
I have collected from Lake Michigan

 Daylily #29 mike at Lily Path

one of many day lilies
which I have hybridized here at Gardens at Waters East
#8 bicolor

 hybridized - # X1

 Ghost Spider

Daylily Locust 
the reddest red I have ever seen!

Middle Walk

 Virginia Blue Bells

Another one of the more than 450 day lilies I hybridized here. 
#8.4 orange flame

monthly meeting of the Kewaunee Garden Club
held in the Asia Patio

What would a garden club tour and meeting be - 
if there were no wine and "munchies???

Even the Ghost Spider had some "munchies" too!!

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  1. Bellissimi questi ritrovi! Sono un po' invidioso! Le possibilità qui sono proprio poche!

    Ti auguro una buona serata e un buon fine settimana :)