Monday, July 2, 2018

June 2018 - the second half!

Baptisia Australis and Bee

Here are only a few of the blooms from the second half of June.  This posting could go on forever, but I will just give you a hint of the many plants doing their best the past two weeks.

 Native Columbine

 False Sunflower - Heliopsis

Native - Flax

Do enjoy!
More to coming!

 Gootendorf Rose


 Geranium - Johnston Blue

 Lilac - Krasavista Moskvy

 Middle Walk


 Missouri Primrose

 Pond Iris

 Ped - pot

 Siberian Iris

Weigela - Wine & Roses


So many more - but this is enough for today.


  1. Each of these is a spot of color and beauty.Thanks.

  2. Great pictures of the blooms in your fabulous garden, Across the Atlantic but very Scottish looking.