Saturday, November 16, 2019

Beyond the Watershed.3

This series is a collection of photos taken in Upper Michigan – the “UP” during the time of the Autumn colors.  This is the third, and last in the series - Beyond the Watershed.

This is a different Watershed from that of Gardens at Waters East.  The waters in the areas of these photos empty into Lake Superior, whereas the waters around the area of the Gardens at Waters East empty into Lake Michigan.

 Sable Falls - Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

 Canyon Falls

 Castle Rock - Pictured Rocks

 Au Sable Light Station
view from Log Slide overlook

view from along - -  H58 Scenic Road

 Palms Brook Spring - view from a glass-bottom boat.
See the sand gushing up from the springs down forty feet.
Fish are more than three feet long.

 Castle Rock

 Sable Falls

 Miners Beach - Pictured Rocks

Miners Beach

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