Tuesday, November 26, 2019

EROSION - Gardens at Waters East

The shore at Gardens at Waters East has taken a real beating these last weeks.   Lake Michigan water levels are way up and so there is lots of serious erosion happening all around the lake.  Homes are falling into the lake and lots of property has been swallowed up by the waters.  Strong storms with very strong winds coming from the East have greatly increased the damage.

Here are some photos of “before” and “after” of the beach shore at the gardens.  Much of what you will see in the photos no longer exist!  It is gone!

Before the erosion and storms

You will see more of this oak tree in other photos.

 Looking North

 Looking South

 Notice the old Oak Tree

 Here is the tree once again - and the wide shore.
It is no longer here - all gone!

 All gone.
Up to the very edge of the trees you see in this photo.

The above photos were before the erosion.
Now look at what has been happening to the shore.

In earlier times!


  1. It is sad to see such erosion, but at least it is not done by man.

  2. Your photos illustrate the erosion. There has been a lot since I was a kid, but this year was something else. Your pictures are beautiful and don't show the debris and just plain garbage that washed up. Never saw so much junk.