Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Beach Erosion – UPDATE

The beach at Gardens at Waters East continues to erode!!!   A previous posting on 11.26.19 showed some before and after photos of StoneWater Beach here at the Gardens at Waters East.  (You can go back to check them out )
The Lake is not being kind to many of us along its shore – but that is part of living here.  The cycles of high water come and go – this year they are exceptionally high.  The bluff that use to slant at a reasonable angle to the beach is now a steep cliff of over 60 feet high.

Here a few more photos taken this week.

 All along the shore - this is how the cliffs look today!

 The neighbor's staircase beginning to finally wash away.

 A crew trying to save the staircase yesterday.

 More of the erosion cutting into the cliff.
Notice the layers of soil built up over years of Earth's history.

 The other neighbor's staircase - 
notice the pilings are hanging out of the ground!

 Lower part of the neighbor's staircase
washed from 1/4 mile up the beach to here.

 So many trees have been lost.

Even with all of the erosion - 
there is beauty this week on StoneWater Beach!

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  1. There is still beauty, but it is sad to see so many things destroyed .