Friday, December 20, 2019

Garden Visitors

Here are a few of the “creatures” and animals that visit 
Gardens at Waters East.

They like this place too!!! – Like ME.


 The American Eagle
Bald Eagle
This has been the favorite tree and branch for years and years of the Eagle generations.
Now the tree no longer exist because of the erosion posted some days ago  (11.26.19).
The tree has been swept away into the lake - gone forever.  It is interesting to watch the eagle searching for a new tree and branch.  It has tried out a few different ones
but has not settled on the one it wants.

 Buck in the garden in November.

 Duck eggs - May

 Goldfinch - May

 Goose on rock in May off StoneWater Beach at the gardens.

 Not very recent visitors -
a fossil of some visitors  from millions of years ago found on the beach.

on the Asian patio wall - November.

 Deer family at the main door this September.

 Rabbit visiting in June.

Another visitor from many years ago -
 a fossil found on the beach this past May.

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  1. Wonder if your eagle might have been the one displaced at Mom's, a few miles south? There is a story with the huge old tree it nested in for years. It was last seen about 2008-2010. Eagles have a fairly long life, however we thought the once resident eagle had to be the descendant of the first one we knew was there.