Monday, February 17, 2020

Day Lilies # 2 2019

This is the second of a series of three postings on the Day Lilies blooming in the gardens this past summer. All of these are day lilies that were hybridized here at the Gardens at Waters East starting in 2005.  Amazing the variety of colors.  They each have a code Number or Letter - for identification of the year hybridized, and give a record of the “parents and grandparents”.  Hope you enjoy what you are about to see, as much as I have enjoyed creating them.  These day lilies exist no place else on Earth – except right here in the Gardens at Waters East.

Of special note are those with the code number starting with 8.  All of those, even though they are very different form one another were hybridized from the same male and female plants on the same day.   Believe it or not!  From that one session of hybridizing developed 38 seeds – all of them different from one another when they bloomed.  There are only a few of the number being posted in this series. Others show up in the BLOG SHOTS posted throughout the years.  Some crazy “recessive genes” must have been at work!

 # 8.10

 # 7.1

 # 8 Rootbeer

 # 8 Orange

 # X 13

 # 3

 # X 1

# 3 X

There will be one more posting soon on the blooms from the summer of 2019

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