Monday, February 10, 2020

Want a "Quickie"? Today

Want a “Quickie”?  2.10.2020

This morning we all woke up to a beautiful covering of snow.  It makes the winters one of the wonderful seasons of the year here.  Though I will admit, after a few more weeks of this I may have had enough!
Enjoy the photos from just a couple of hours ago!

The Gardens at Waters East – with company.

It all started yesterday afternoon - nice gentle snow fall

Asian Patio Gate


Company this morning

Every little branch - looks good

More on these visitors -now permanent residents -  soon!


  1. Snows like that are so beautiful . I do agree with you, that in a few weeks it will be time to move onto springlike weather.

  2. Beautiful snow scenes--especially the ones by Lake Michigan. I'm ready for spring, but this has been a tolerable winter.

  3. Preciosas fotos. Este año por Béjar la nieve no ha querido llegar.
    Un abrazo.