Friday, July 17, 2020

June 2020 Part #3

As is the case for most months of the year, in June I took more photographs than I could ever publish!  This June, more than 400.  So, what I will do is publish a few of them in a three-part series.  That way, you can pick and choose how many postings for the month you want to view.  That only leaves about 350+ photographs in the files to be used another day – hahaha!

Do enjoy the gardens as they out do themselves this season of the year.




 Spiderwort - white

 Spiderwort - fuchsia 

 Spirea & bugs

 Spilish splash - geranium

 Sweet William

 Virginia Blue Bells

 Weigela - Wine & Roses


Yucca buds 

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