Sunday, May 23, 2021

Lakeshore Nature Preserve - Part 1

What a wonderful walk this week on the many trails in the Eagle Heights area of Madison, Wisconsin.  It is called – Lakeshore Nature Preserve - so many Spring flowers blooming.  Many I can identify – some not.

I will do this posting in two parts, so many photos needs more than two but two will be enough for now.

Enjoy hiking alone with me.

Capital Building in Madison

as seen from the nature preserve.

one of many trails

Geranium Maculatum

Don't know the proper name for this.

twisted tree at Frautschi Point

Lake Mendota along the trail.

Don't know this one?

Raymer's Cove beach

May apple



close look at Arisaema Triphyllum


Wood Violet - state flower of Wisconsin


  1. Lovely views along these beautiful trails.

  2. My jaw dropped when I saw that twisted tree ! remarkable !
    I love this nature trail by the water .. it can't get better than that.
    I have to try a May Apple one year in my shade section .. I have always been a bit intrigued by them. How pretty even simple violets are right ?

  3. Yes, we're seeing many of the same plants now. ;-) I forgot about the twisted tree...I need to get over to LNP again one of these days. As your post illustrates, it's really special. I believe the one plant you ask about is False Solomon's Seal.

  4. I believe the one you're asking about is False Solomon's Seal.