Friday, May 14, 2021

Switzerland - flowers & hikes I took - Part 2

 This is “Part 2” of the flowers I discovered on hikes in Switzerland.


Checking out and remembering some of the past flowers I have enjoyed.

These photos are from my last trip to Switzerland.   Impossible not to love the place;

the mountains, glaciers, houses, and of course the flowers.

Though the camera I used wasn't the best - you get the idea.

Do enjoy!

a working farm

Just me and the cows!

view out the window of the chalet
notice all the flowers

Everyone knows the name of that mountain!!!

more hikers




  1. Oh those beautiful mountains and flowers!

  2. Switzerland! It's definitely on my bucket list, for the reasons you mention and for the heritage of one side of the family. Beautiful photos!

  3. Nice place to live, and no doubt to live!