Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Final Days of Fall gardening 2021

 Final days of Fall gardening 2021


On November 12th the Blog posted some of the photos taken during the “Fall Cutting” here at the Gardens at Waters East.  Here are a few more - final shots - of that experience.  Time now to rest for the Winter, dreaming of things to do when early Spring arrives in 2022.




Sunrise over Lake Michigan


Sunrise -- Gardens at Waters East

Sunrise colors at the gardens

Stacking cut native Cup Flower stems

Middle Walk

red - one of the colors still showing at the gardens

golden - yellow another color in fall at the gardens

"Blade" - garden art in the garden

one of the last creatures walking the grounds

Solomon Seal - Fall yellows

Canada Geese - across the street from the entry to the gardens

resting on their trip South

Evening at the Gardens at Waters East



  1. Beautiful sunrise and sunset photos! We're fortunate to not have snow yet here in Madison; it may change this weekend, but we may be to the south of the system. Careful out there as the weather shifts!

  2. I miss the snow - sort of! However come January I think I will have had enough and already looking forward to Spring!