Tuesday, December 21, 2021



The poinsettia has been a popular Christmas flower for many years.  The most common color is red, however as you know if you have looked around at the many homes and offices that are decorated this time of year, the colors in recent years almost seem unlimited nowadays. There are over 100 cultivated varieties of poinsettia that have been patented.  That is a lot!


Poinsettia – “Champagne”


Poinsettia plants are indigenous to Mexico and Central America, known as flor de Nochebuena  - “Christmas Eve Flower” which was first described by Europeans in 1834.  It derives its common English name from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States minister to Mexico who is credited with introducing the plant to the US in the 1820s.





After this past Christmas season, I saved the plant I purchased for those holidays (2020), trimmed back its leaves then planted it out in the gardens this summer (2021), brought it back into the house this last September, and it began blooming once again in November. This is what you see here in this posting.

Late November


One could say I am frugal or even cheap, I rather call myself a “plantsman” who likes to experiment to see if he can get the Poinsettia to bloom another year!










  1. Good for you! I tried it once and wasn't successful. Thank you for sharing your results and holiday cheer! Happy holidays!

  2. Mine have grown to beautiful plants that never flowered so I gave up. Methinks I'll try again!

  3. Really it is pretty easy, just neglect them REALLY