Thursday, August 18, 2022

Want a "Quickie" ? Today

 Want a “Quickie” Today ?


Postings with this name are photos taken in the gardens the same day that they are posted.  These photos were taken just this afternoon at the Gardens at Waters East.  So many blooms today!

One of the day lilies I hybridized #8

Just posting a few for now.



Enjoy a “Quickie” today!



Trumpet vine this afternoon.

Potentilla bush

"olive" jar on the Middle Path

one of many paths in the gardens

Another daylily I hybridized special Letter.

a daylily I hybridized 

Monad - pink

Joe Pye with view of lake in the background.


  1. Your daylilies are very beautiful! Your view are lovely too.

  2. Beautiful. I love all those Day Lilies.

    1. Me too! It is time for me to stop hybridizing them. I have so many and I give away many. No more room in the gardens to plant the "babies".

  3. I have hybridized so so so many over the years. Wish you lived closer, I would share some with you.