Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Hybridized Daylilies Part 2

New and Never-Before-Seen Daylilies

Over the last few years, Gardens at Waters East  (GAWE) has hybridized many daylilies, more than four-hundred in all.  The process takes approximately four (4) years from time of pollination to first full blooms.  Some work, but lots of joy and excitement when the final “product” emerges in those first days of a newly created flower as it comes to life.

The offspring are often a surprise!  Recessive and past dormant genes appear that were hidden in the parents, creating new and varied plants never before seen.  Here is when a gardener can sit back in awe and drink in what has been created.

This posting is one of a number in a series of photo postings showing recently hybridized daylilies.  Each posting will state some information or “code reference” on the parentage of the new daylilies while protecting the exact details.

Information Base - for the following daylilies
ID Code # 7  .07.10
Series:  American Treasures          
Female:  Pink Lady WM          
Male:      Raspberry Lipstick C.M.                  

Redwood Forest

Mesa Verde

Picture Rocks Lakeshore

Painter Desert

Mount Hood

Grand Canyon

Glacier National Park

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