Friday, March 1, 2013

Logan Creek - Watershed #9

The watershed which cradles the Gardens at Waters East is home to many precious and scenic natural areas.  The waters from these areas flow into the Great Lakes and help replenish one of the world’s largest fresh water reserves.


Logan Creek is a small creek flowing within one of the many wonderful natural areas of Door County in Wisconsin near Lake Michigan about one hour north of the gardens.  The creek starts at Lost Lake and flows into Clark Lake.  The main trail is situated along the creek and the north shore of Clark Lake with more than 3,000 feet on that lake.


Trails pass through northern forest dominated by white cedar and black ash.  Along the way hikers can discover so many varieties of wildflowers, especially in the Spring.

Trail at Clark Lake

There are pools in amongst the hummocks that contain marsh marigolds and rare ferns.  As can be expected, this is a place which hosts lots of breading birds.

It is a quiet hike, almost primeval in appearance and environment. Take a few moments and enjoy a hike.

 Heppatica - White

Marsh Bridge


 Pinks Toothwort

 Bog & Water

 Clark Lake on right

 Wolf Spider

 Solitary Bloom

 Trees along Trail

 Heppatica group

 Dogtooth Violet

 Birch Log

 Fairy Pine Moss

 Hiker on Trail

 Clark Lake

 Bugs on Heppatica

 Close up - - Dogtooth Violet

For basic fundamental facts and photos about the watershed for the area of Gardens at Waters East, see the posting for July 2, 2011 in the archives.  Other past postings in the Watershed Series cover additional examples of this important geographic resource.

NOTE:   All photos posted on this Blog are always taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East except for those posted in this series titled Watershed.  This series takes the Blog beyond the immediate gardens to the fuller area that nourished its “neighborhood”.

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  1. Beautiful white and blue hepatica!

  2. Love your hepatica, you are ahead of us in York UK
    No sign yet of dogs tooth violet here, although I do have hepaticas in flower in my cold greenhouse.

  3. Love the heppatica! Will have to find this trail this summer!

  4. I'm not familiar with heppatica - but the blue ones especially are delightful. (And I always like woodland.)

  5. Nice trails in the wood, would be wonderful to walk there. We have still much of snow, my hepaticas are sleeping under snow. But soon.... Have a nice weekend !

  6. Thanks for the photos of this wonderful place.

  7. Heppatica is lovely and very rare flower here. I love it in white and blue colors. Great pictures!

  8. Great information. Love the little dogtooth violet. I wonder if the hiker noticed these little blooms. I had to look up hepatica. I don't think it grows around here. Lovely, though.

  9. Thanks for showing me all those beautiful pictures.
    I like the heppaticas and the dogtooth.

    Have a great day.

  10. Thank you for sharing a lovely stroll. The little woodland flowers are just beautiful, especially the blue heppatica.

  11. Thanks for lovely pics of beutiful hepatica.
    Have a nice day!!

  12. Great photos, wonder about the wooden path seems bit high must keep eye on it when walking or else woops.

    Great place though.