Sunday, June 5, 2016


This was the first year that the Gardens at Waters East grew red tulips.  Tulips here can be a problem because of all the deer that roam around the area – those deer love tulips!  You will notice that an “artistic” barrier was design to help protect the tulips and it worked!  The barrier is in the same style as the entry gate for the Asian Patio Garden which is to the right of the tulips.

Here is a photo series of those tulips from the point of emerging from the soil to the final day of blooming.  As of today, they are now cut back leaving only the leaves to regenerate the bulbs for next year.
Enjoy the RED

 April 20, 2016

 May 10, 2016

 May 14, 2016

 a foggy day

 May 18, 2016

 on a rainy day see through the window
May 24, 2016

 looking down

 solar lit at night

 the final day
May 31, 2016

 on last look - at their peek

sunrise to welcome a new day
more plants will be blooming soon

NOTE:  All photos use in this posting were taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East.

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