Sunday, September 19, 2021

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday and today, started to being in the potted plants that I want to over-winter in the house --- and survive!  This included a number of different sedums, papyrus, geranium, Mandarin Orange tree, etc. Once again, I will try to protect them from the upcoming winter weather here and hopefully they can return to the patio in Spring.

Here are some photos taken this weekend at the Gardens at Waters East on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Beautiful time of the year!




Here are two photos of the view at the gardens taken earlier in the year, lest we forget the beauty in the area here! 



  1. Oh yes, it is a beautiful time of year. The angle of the sunlight offers unique shades and colors to its subjects. Great photos! Happy autumn!

    1. I do love the garden and the lake - this time of year - and every time of the year.