Monday, November 29, 2021

Thanksgiving - Sunrises

Sunrises have always fascinated me, especially now living on Lake Michigan.  Everyone is different.  Everyone is beautiful.  For me, everyone is spectacular!

The first series of photos publish here was taken on the 24th the day before Thanksgiving this year, and the second series was taken Sunday the 28th three days after Thanksgiving.  I try to restrain myself.  I have literally hundreds and hundreds of photos of sunrises taken at the Gardens at Waters East on the shores of Lake Michigan lake over the years.



as I do each morning!


Taken on Wednesday November 24,2021



Taken on Sunday November 28, 2021


Have a Good Day!!!




  1. Beautiful scenes. Thanks for sharing these beauties.

  2. I do love mornings like theses - just beautiful! Glad you enjoyed the mornings too!

  3. Those are beautiful images! I'm usually too out of it in the morning to really enjoy the sunrises, but the sunsets have been incredible lately, too.

    1. I will let you sleep in - thought the sunrises are really something not to miss!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  5. Do they remind you of your time in winter at the gardens? You were a student of English, maybe you never looked out the windows because you were always studying - jaja!