Friday, May 26, 2023

6 Pack - - Party on the Beach

 6 PACK – Party on the Beach


A rather large and extensive collection of photos has been taken on StoneWater Beach which is the private beach on Lake Michigan along the shore of this area known as Gardens at Waters East.  Over the past months, many wonderful scenes of the waters, clouds, sun, plants, and stones have been captured.  In the past when similar photos were posted on the Blog many people commented about the lake and how it adds to the beauty and experience here at the Gardens at Waters East


Instead of just filing all the unused photos away, this series will post six of them (thus a - - 6 Pack) as a set in an ongoing series.  Now I do admit this posting is more than a 6 pack more like a 12 Pack a little extra libation for the long hike! None of these pictures have ever been posted before today.  Even if you never walk the paths here or wander down to the lake shore, you are invited to experience and enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan as do all those who have come here to the gardens for a visit. 


In more ways than one, it is always - - - “cooler by the lake”.


Do Enjoy


Pelicans - 

come from the East Coast each summer

clouds and water - always nice views

wild flower - ?

Neighbors stairs ruined from winter erosion.

swallow bird nesting holes in bluff

wild yarrow

carried this 45 Lb stone up to the garden -

 heavy after all the climbing!

mushrooms on log

Climb up the bluff





  1. The coastal view is priceless

    1. I do agree!!! Lake Michigan makes the gardens so very special. Glad you were able to visit and agree with the beauty here.

  2. Interesantes los lugares que nos muestras.


    1. Glad you like them. This place is pretty special especially because of Lake Michigan. It is like an ocean!

  3. Beautiful photos from the beach!

    1. Marit, The lake is such an important part of the beauty of the gardens. I do love it here!

  4. Bonitas fotografías. La flor amarilla es silvestre, en España la llamamos vara de San Juan, Hypericum perforatum. Besos.

    1. Teresa, thanks for the name of the flower. I had no idea what it was called. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.