Tuesday, July 2, 2024

More than flowers!!!

 At times the garden is about more than plants!


So far this year the gardens have offered us more than just the plants and blooms.  There have been Fox, American Eagles, vultures, hawks, birds of all kinds.   Some birds passing through and many staying to nest.  There is so much more to the gardens this time of year.


Here are some recent garden visitors.


Brown Thrasher

Baltimore Oriole

Humming bird

House Finch

Golden Finch

Garter Snake


Baby Rabbit

Doe with one fawn.
It is common for a deer to have one or two babies in the Spring.

It is very unusual for a Doe to have triplets!
These photos were taken in the last four days.

Had to take two pictures,  couldn't believe there were three!

Robin on nest in patio garden.

New Robbin babies

Young Robbin



White-Crowned Sparrow

White Pelicans - flying over the gardens this morning,
as I was posting for the Blog today.
Over the last eight years they started to migrate here for the summer,
originally from the Virginia and the East Coast. 


And of course – there are the flowers with their “friends”.


Hope you enjoyed your visit.



  1. Wonderful! It's full of life!
    Great shots

    1. Everyday lots of animals here. I like that except they all like to eat from the garden!

  2. Replies
    1. So many visitors, even more than I posted here but I thought enough is enough for now. Glad you were Abel to visit.

  3. La hermosa naturaleza en todo su esplendor.

    1. Nature is beautiful indeed! Happy you can enjoy it with me.

    2. You are correct about nature. It is beautiful. Happy to share it with. you.

  4. Oj, så många söta djurbesök ni haft, ja förutom ormen då, den kan man vara utan... och även rådjuren de kan ju äta upp en "hel" trädgård...

    1. You are correct. The deer eat lots of the plants but the rabbits eat even more. This year we have a super abundance of rabbits - LOTS!