Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pictures of "barebones" after November Trimming

After yesterday's posting, it was decided to do an extra posting using a few pictures that should be helpful so that the viewer can better see some of the "bones" that are basic to Gardens at Waters East
These pictures will give a better "handle" on the fundamental elements that exist in this garden. These elements give Fall and Winter a view that continues to have substance and beauty.  Though the plants are now dormant, leaves long gone, and only the structures, rocks, and evergreen bushes are left;  there is a visual interest present.  From inside the home and from a walk through the many "rooms" in the garden, Gardens at Waters East has an inviting interest and welcome.

In these photos, are seen some of the many elements that "hold the garden together" through the Winter months.  Because a number of different evergreens are used in Gardens at Waters East, even in the dead of the Winter season, there is a living garden to view.

Hope these photos are helpful as you continue working to give your Winter garden interest and beauty both to you and your visitors.  Enjoy.

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