Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Principles of Design #2

Principle #2   develop seasonal interest

The posting today is one of the series titled:
                               Principles of Design in use at Gardens at Waters East.
All ten (10) design principles are listed in an outline form which can be located on the November 14, 2010 posting.  Refer back to that date for the complete list of the guiding ideas used to develop and to bring unity throughout the many gardens.

Since the garden is seen by visitors and the home owner throughout the year,  it is imperative to make sure the garden has “interest” 365 days a year.  During the summer months, with all the flowers and leaf textures, it is a pretty easy thing to do.  However, during the dormant season, it gets more difficult.  This is when the “bones”, structures, and the silhouettes of bushes and trees take center stage in the garden.  A garden needs four seasons of interest if it is to do its work and reward the gardener all year long.

The following pictures are a few of the more than 2000 taken this year.  Lots of wonderful photos, that over time will be shared in postings on Gardens at Waters East.  The photos here are meant to highlight the importance of having “interest” in a garden during all seasons.

 Here there is the added interest in the garden of a spider web covered with morning dew.

This photo shows that even in Winter, trees, fence posts, and rocks all give the garden interest.

Interesting, even an old discarded gravestone from the early 1800s brings "life" to the garden.

In the Secret Garden, the Golden Hops vines add mystery and a sense of time creeping onward.

This ship rib from the mid 1800s was collected more than thirty years ago from the lake.

There are so many more photos, of so many more interest plants and objects, that give the special Gardens at Waters East interest every day of the year.  As the postings to this Blog move along, you will see just how many points of interest there really are.

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  1. Beautiful well thought out garden, keep it up.

    Charles in Spain.