Thursday, November 18, 2010

Principles of Design #4

Principle #4   highlight perspective and borrowed views

The posting today is one of the series titled:
                               Principles of Design in use at Gardens at Waters East.
All ten (10) design principles are listed in an outline form which can be located on the November 14, 2010 posting.  Refer back to that date for the complete list of the guiding ideas used to develop and to bring unity throughout the many gardens.

When designing your garden space think beyond your immediate garden property.  Where possible, look beyond.  Do you see anything of interest in a view beyond; trees, flowers, water, mountains, etc., that could add to the interest of your own garden?  If such views are “out there”, bring them “in here” and make them part of your plan.  Bring in those borrowed views so that they can add that extra something special to your garden.

Such use of things and views beyond, will draw the eyes of visitors to your garden space.  Your very personal garden will grow in dimension and interest.  You can add depth and character using this simple principle.  Go outside, or even stay inside, and look out your windows.  Is there something beyond your property line that could add more to your garden?  If so, work out ways to incorporate that “something special” into you garden plan.

At the Gardens at Waters East, there are obvious views and items of interest to build perspective.  Lake Michigan is exceptional as a view to be “brought into “ the garden.  Always “alive” and changing, the lake adds movement, depth, color, and more.  Other borrowed views present in the local area are: the grove of cedar trees, neighbor’s Austrian Pine trees, flower beds, and crabapple trees.  If you look around your area, no doubt you will find something or some view, that will make your garden more.  “Steal it”.  Your garden will love it and so will all who take a walk in your garden space.

Here are a few photos of the ways that Gardens at Waters East uses views from beyond the immediate garden space thus adding more to the interest of the gardens.

In each and every season, using the principle of perspective and borrowed views, you will enhance the attraction and interest of your garden.

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