Friday, November 12, 2010

Why now?

On November 7th the blog posting asked a legitimate question:  “Why start a garden blog in late Fall the very end of the season?”
One might think there will be little or not much to blog about.  Not true.  Since the garden will now be cut back for the Winter season, the perennials finished, bushes and trees without leaves, bare ground exposed;  it is a perfect time to show the “bones” of a garden.  That is why Gardens at Waters East chose this time of year to start blogging.
Fall is the perfect time to "get a handle" on the basic forms and fundamentals of a garden.
Fall is the perfect time to “see” in real time the “bones” of a garden landscape.
Fall is the perfect time to learn what is there “in place” as the foundation on which a garden is built, and what may be added.
Fall also is the perfect time to make planning and decisions for next year’s Spring and Summer gardens.
So there you have it.  Starting a blog on gardening in Fall – is perfect timing.

For months of the year in Zones 4 and 5, gardens are dormant.  Not much if anything is “happening”.  Gardens seem to be resting, sleeping.  It is at such times as these that a garden really needs to have a “beauty” that will draw interest from its viewers.  It is easy, so easy, to get attention in the full flowering of Summer.  Your eyes are drawn from this to that as the riot of colors and textures grab attention.  But in the cold and empty days of Winter, a garden can become just dead space easy to ignore – unless that very garden has elemental factors that draw interest from a viewer, especially the viewer looking out through a window from the warmth of his home.  Now is when the gardener really wants and needs to have those special framed views that will enhance and compliment the home’s interior.  Now is not the time to have garden views that feel empty “out there” and make the interior of the home less than it could be.  Having good “bones”, planned elements, and focal points will enhance both inside and outside space year-round.  The viewer will feel deep within a sense and satisfaction of a landscape well done.  A landscape that “speaks” and gives delight even in the depth of a cold winter’s day.
Starting a blog in the Fall helps readers to know, and see;  the importance of structure and “bones”, the importance of early planning, the importance of creating a garden that from the ground up has interest that can and will be seen every day of the year whether dormant or growing.  Such a garden makes a gardener feel good inside when looking outside, even in the dead of Winter.

The next topic for posting on this blog will be covering Principles of Design that will build on what is seen during the Fall season, and what can be done to bring more life and interest both to new gardens being planned and gardens that have been around and in process for many years.

The postings for the rest of November can be thought of as a "package" that will focus on design, using words and pictures to describe the Gardens at Waters East.  Principles that you and any gardener can easily adapt to your own yard and love of gardening.

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