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Principles of Design #6

Principle #6   create multiple “garden rooms” with seating in each

The posting today is one of the series titled:
                               Principles of Design in use at Gardens at Waters East.
All ten (10) design principles are listed in an outline form which can be located on the November 14, 2010 posting.  Refer back to that date for the complete list of the guiding ideas used to develop and to bring unity throughout the many gardens.

Garden “rooms” can help create a feeling of intimacy especially if your garden covers a large area on your property.  But even if your property is a small city lot, creating a garden “room” adds a feeling of closeness and comfort when shared with your friends.  Garden “rooms” help to create moods and experiences and also help the garden to have manageable size spaces.

Think of the garden room as a garden within a garden.  Showcase a special flower or bush.  Have a focal point, but only one.  Don’t clutter the space with lots of different “things”.  You want the space to slow you down, bring a sense of calm, focus your attention on that special place and special people who are with you in that place.  Then the “room” has a life of its own within the larger life of the garden.

The Gardens at Waters East, has ten (10) different garden rooms.  Each one offers;  a seating area, many interesting plants without having so many different plants that there is distraction rather than a sense of unity about the space, and all the garden rooms have only one main focal point.

Here at Gardens at Waters East you will find the following garden rooms.  Each one becomes a new and varied discovery when passing through the “gates” that mark the entrances.

a.     Main Entry Garden
b.     Overlook Rest Garden
c.      Rain Garden
d.     Zen Garden
e.     Secret Garden
f.      Asian Fountain Garden
g.     Nautical Artifacts Garden
h.     Rock Garden
i.       Lily Path & Birdbath Garden
j.   Formal Garden

There are also other garden areas but are not called rooms in this garden.  They are a vegetable garden, a nursery garden, a “holding” garden, and a berry garden.  Each of these garden areas function for a specific "work"or job to do at the gardens.

Here are photos of some of the "garden rooms" at
Gardens at Waters East

 This is the seating area of the Overlook Rest Garden at the edge of the lake bluff.
A simple garden area with fantastic views every day of the year.

The Formal Garden has a seating area just noticeable at the center bottom of the photo.

The Rock Garden

Part of the Lily Path & Birdbath garden with seating area

Entrance "gate" to the Secret Garden

The seating area of the Asian Fountain Garden seen in Winter

There are other photos of other garden areas but these six will give you the an idea of the use of focal point and seating within a garden room.

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